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Ohio Attorney General's Missing Children Clearinghouse.

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We have just added a fantastic money saving product and one that will help to reduce each household's carbon foot print on the enviornment, to our eBay store as well as our auctions.
The new eBay prostores site is in process but has been delayed because of thei project and the holiday consignment sales we are trying to get listed before it is too late.

This line of products has us very excited because it will provide us with a way to help you cut overall cost of your energy bill by reducing consumption and replacement of lighting devices.

There is a link to the left that will provide a path to my store. I hope that you will visit it often to see the latest treasures available. I have added access to our new products through my eBay stores promotion window below. Please use it for quick access for your Gompact fluorescent needs.

Please stay tuned for continual changes and don't forget to follow my other Ebay links.

For those of you who would like a quick sample of our offerings please check out the two store categories below.

Thank you for visiting.

Updated 11/16/2007 Bill Hunt

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